ISJM | Vol 2 | No 1 (post)

6d_2 Dear readers and young scientists!

The Editorial Board of International Student’s Journal of Medicine (ISJM) is delighted to present you the first issue of 2016 year – ISJM Vol 2 No 1. We continue to share with you the latest developments in medical science and key points of writing scientific papers. This issue includes original papers, brief communications and case report of young researches, as well as reports on conferences and meeting with Armen Yuri Gasparyan, who is the Editor of Rheumatology and Editing, Writing & Publishing sections of the Journal of Korean Medical Science (Seoul, Korea) and Associate Editor of Rheumatology International (Springer).

We remind you that all articles of each issue are placed on the official website:

All articles are posted on the platform Cyberleninka:

ISJM provides a medium of communication for medical students, who wish to master their science writing and reporting skills!

ISJM | Vol 2 | No 1

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